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Achille clock 12 magnets

L’horloge d’Achille is a game of imagination for all the family. The 12 magnets are placed at the hour mark allowing us to plan the key moments of our day. The clock becomes a fun and practical way for parents to explain the time and activities that we do every day.

Educational game, clock, Achille, parent-child relationship, learn, cooperate, independence, imagination, learn the time, relationship with time

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The rules are made by the parents and then explained to the child. You must try and do the same activity at the same time when possible  to help the child learn. The magnets allow the child to imagine the different tasks and daily activities depending on the time. You simply place the magnet that corresponds with the relevant activity at the planned time, a real game for children!

Get up, brush your teeth, get dressed, go to school, eat, do your homework, play, have a shower, go to bed…..Easier to go playing or watch your favourite cartoons than brush your teeth or do your homework it is not always easy for children to do another activity. Certain tasks are less fun than others, that is well known. With the L’horloge D’Achille the less fun activites are seen in a new way, fun and important and the child will learn the importance of waiting for the more enjoyable activities of the day.

L'horloge d'Achille

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